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Radiant Face in 30′

Radiant Face in 30′


✨ Radiant Face Add-On: Elevate Your Holistic Experience at Agigma

You’ve chosen the session you’ve been craving, but why stop there?

Combine your desired massage service with the Radiant face facial treatment and get luminous skin that radiates, thanks to a combination that immediately offers rich hydration and multiple anti-aging benefits.

The deep cleansing action of the enzyme peel gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, revealing a silky and even complexion.

The gentle and naturally scented wild rose oil nourishes the skin through a rejuvenating facial massage, providing it with the essential elements that contribute to its proper functioning and youthfulness, giving it a fresh and radiant appearance.

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Microblading is suitable for anyone who wants perfectly shaped and defined brows without the hassle of daily makeup application. It is an excellent solution for those who have sparse brows, asymmetrical brows or have damaged their brow shape from incorrect previous manipulation. It is also a beneficial procedure for those who have undergone chemotherapy or suffer from alopecia.

Saves time and eliminates the need for daily makeup application, freeing up time for other activities or self-care routines.
Boosts confidence and self-esteem, giving you a stylish appearance.
Provides natural-looking results that enhance your facial features and complement your overall appearance.
It offers a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to two years, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.
It contributes to a more active lifestyle, as you no longer have to worry about sweating or smudging your eyebrow makeup during exercise or outdoor activities.

Most clients achieve the desired results in just one session. However, a touch-up session may be required 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure to perfect the color and shape of your new eyebrows. After that, touch-ups every 12-18 months are recommended to maintain optimal results.