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Embrace Serenity

The Renewal and Revitalization Package at Our Spa

Welcome to a haven of tranquility designed exclusively for you. Introducing the Renewal and Revitalization Package.


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Embrace Serenity

A symphony of soothing treatments that echo the ancient wisdom of Crete, meticulously crafted for singles seeking solitude, whether they are travellers on a journey or locals in search of an escape. seeking a personal oasis.

Quick Look | Renewal and Revitalization Package

  • full body Hot Candle Massage with Organic Essential Oils
  • Hydration Face Mask with Cretan Herbs and Honey
  • feet ritual

Price: €120 | Duration: 105 minutes

Unwind with the Warmth of Crete

Immerse yourself in the comfort of our signature full body Hot Candle Massage with Organic Essential Oils. Let the blend of warm essential oils seep deep into your skin as you:

  • Relieve the tension from your bustling life
  • Soothe muscles wearied by adventure or the daily grind
  • Bask in the ambient glow of a candlelit serenity

For those who desire to indulge in the singular warmth of our Hot Candle Massage, a separate reservation is available. Delve into this exclusive treatment at €70 by clicking here: Book Your Hot Candle Massage.

Rehydrate and Rejoice

Follow the warmth with our Hydration Face Mask with Cretan Herbs and Honey. This is more than a mask; it’s a ritual where:

  • Skin is replenished with the nectar of Cretan flora
  • Every pore breathes in the healing wisdom of local herbs
  • Honey caresses your face, leaving it radiant and refreshed

For individuals yearning for the nurturing embrace of our Hydration Face Mask with Cretan Herbs and Honey, personal appointments can be arranged. Experience this intimate treat for €70 by clicking here: Book Your Hydration Face Mask.

A Gift to Cherish

Complete your journey with our acclaimed feet ritual – a complimentary homage to the weary traveler. Surrender to a soothing experience that promises:

  • A restorative treat for your feet
  • A sensation of walking on clouds
  • A lasting memory of care and comfort

Exclusive Offer

Indulge in 105 minutes of pure bliss for only €105. Because you deserve a slice of paradise, woven into your narrative of renewal.

The Journey Awaits

Are you ready to step into a story of rejuvenation? To carve out a moment that’s exclusively yours in the lush landscapes of Crete? Feel the embrace of a personal retreat where every touch is a testament to your well-being.

Let your story unfold with us. Start your journey to revitalization Book Your Package Now.

Our commitment is to your renewal. And our story is not complete without you.

FQA Let's address some of your potential queries and concerns.

Upon your arrival, Agigma Holistic Spa extends the warmth of true Greek hospitality. While you ease into your wellness journey and complete your medical report, we offer complimentary welcome treats that include artisanal water to hydrate, a variety of herbal teas, and an assortment of wholesome refreshments. This is our way of welcoming you to an exquisite wellness experience, seamlessly blending relaxation with indulgence.


Our bespoke wellness consultation is designed to meticulously tailor your experience. We conduct an extensive evaluation of your body’s immediate condition, consider the activities you’ve participated in throughout your vacation, and discuss your personal health goals. This consultation provides an invaluable foundation for our experts to harmonize our services with your individual wellbeing, ensuring your departure is not only refreshing but also profoundly transformative.

Absolutely. At Adventure Recovery Retreat, we value the importance of flexibility, especially when it comes to payment. While many guests prefer the straightforwardness of cash transactions, we are equipped to accept a diverse range of options including credit or debit card payments, Revolut, PayPal, and e-banking transfers. Our goal is to ensure you can focus on relaxation while we take care of the rest, accommodating your preferred method of payment seamlessly.

The Departure Renewal package is your gateway to integrating the beauty and serenity of Crete into your return to the everyday. By addressing signs of fatigue and stress early, through our curated treatments and consultations, you circumvent future, more extensive restorative efforts. Gift yourself this moment of tranquility and carry with you the energy and serenity that will make your reentry into daily life as seamless as the Cretan tide – leaving you with lasting benefits that echo until your next serene escape.

_Your wellness is our priority, your tranquility, our mission.