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Active Recovery Retreat

Rediscover Vitality at Active Recovery Retreat

Take the first step in a transformative healing quest, where each touch is a meticulously crafted part of your vitality restoration.


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Άτομο πεζοπορεί σε βουνά με τη Μεσόγειο θάλασσα μπροστά του, παρουσιάζοντας το πακέτο "Adventure Recovery Retreat" για εκείνους που ταξιδεύουν, κάνουν πεζοπορία, jet skiing ή ακολουθούν άλλες δραστηριότητες στην Κρήτη και χρειάζονται αναζωογόνηση. Person hiking in mountains with the Mediterranean sea in front, showcasing the "Adventure Recovery Retreat" package for travelers, hikers, jet skiers, or those engaging in other activities in Crete and in need of restoration.

At the threshold of Agigma Massage & Therapies Holistic Spa, Active Recovery Retreat stands as your sanctuary, offering unparalleled recoupment after your ventures in Rethymno.

Your path to rejuvenation includes:

  • welcome feet Ritual
  • A comprehensive aromatherapy massage for tired legs
  • A soothing moisturizing face mask post-sun exposure
  • An exclusive gift: A refreshing Scalp and Neck Aromatherapy Massage

Commence this restorative escapade and secure your spot now, or read on for a glimpse into the tranquil haven that beckons.

Vitalize and Renew After Your Embark on an Outdoor Adventure Restoration

After days filled with vibrant outdoor activities, your body may crave a touch of bespoke care. Whether it’s legs weary from an adventurous trail, skin thirsting for hydration after the sun’s embrace, or a neck that whispers for a tender, easing reprieve, our Peak Performance Package at Active Recovery Retreat is expertly tailored to soothe these effects:

  • Welcoming Foot Ritual: Begin your journey to restoration with an immersive experience for your weary feet.
  • Energizing Leg Recovery: Reclaim your strength with legs restored, ready for more exciting exploits.
  • Sun-kissed Skin Elixir: Quench your skin’s need for moisture and protect it with our signature concoctions.
  • Tranquil Neck Massage: Melt away the tightness and regain balance with our soothing strokes.

Join us in crafting your personal narrative of resurgence, readying you for the many thrilling escapades that lie ahead.

Master the Craft of Active Recovery

Surrender to our legs aromatherapy massage, conceived to re-energize and restore your tireless feet:

  • Foam Dry Bath for Feet: A splendid initiation into your renewal process.
  • Scrub for Feet: Reinvigorate with softly polished skin.
  • Cleansing Lotion for Feet: Nourish and mollify your feet.
  • Foot Massage Rejuvenation: Ease tension and stimulate circulation with our luxurious cacao butter application.
  • Mask for Feet: Grant your feet a sublime rebirth.

Protect and Revive Your Skin with Our After-Sun Face Moisturizer

  • Saturate: Indulge in our pacifying post-sun solutions.
  • Fortify: Employ the bounty of nature for skin vitality.

A Distinctive Compliment Just for You – Ease with Scalp and Neck Massage

  • Titillate your Scalp: Invoke a renewed sensory vigor.
  • Soothe your Neck: Dispel the pressures and enhance circulation.

At a Glance:

  • Price: Just €60 per visit.

Deep Tissue Upgrade: Add a deep tissue enhancement for only €15 more.

  • Duration: A 50 -minute sojourn into serenity |

Choose Excellence with Us

  • Customized Comfort: Each treatment is a masterpiece, for those daring the extreme.
  • Exquisite Ingredients: We anoint your skin with only the most exceptional oils and organic essences.
  • Skilled Practitioners: Our therapists embody your peace and rejuvenation.
  • Welcomes All: Whether you hail from Crete or are passing through, we serve with open arms.

Embrace Serenity

Immerse yourself in Agigma’s signature Rethymno massage, crafted for profound rejuvenation.

  • Reserve Now: Discover full-body renewal at Active Recovery Retreat.

Experience the rebirth of wellness with our expertly nuanced care. Allow us to refashion your quest for well-being into a revitalized reality.

Step into our peaceful oasis. Book your visit for peak relaxation and joy in Rethymno.

For targeted muscle ease, opt for the Deep Tissue Massage at €65. A 50-minute session to alleviate tension and achieve harmony. Visit Agigma Massage & Therapies for personalized, attentive treatment.

FQA Let's address some of your potential queries and concerns.

Adventure Recovery Retreat is specifically designed for the intrepid explorers and thrill seekers. We comprehend the vigor of your travels and hence, offer bespoke treatments that focus on rejuvenating your body after engaging in strenuous activities. Our retreat is a harmonious blend of relaxation, restoration, and luxury, all under one roof.


While our services are tailored for the adventurers at heart, anyone seeking holistic wellness, post-activity rejuvenation, or simply an escape from the mundane can benefit from our offerings. Our mission is to provide relief and restoration, irrespective of the intensity of your activities.

Our treatments are designed based on holistic health principles and are administered by skilled professionals. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from our clientele, as can be seen in our testimonial section. Your well-being is our utmost priority and we strive to ensure the effectiveness of our treatments.

Apart from our specialized treatments, our guests receive additional pampering in the form of a complimentary feet and hand cooling mask. This additional luxury enhances the overall experience, leaving you feeling revitalized. We believe in providing affordable luxury and that’s exactly what you can expect from our retreat.

_Your wellness is our priority, your tranquility, our mission.