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Rejuvenating Retreat | Couples Package

Rejuvenating Retreat | Couples Package


Unleash Tranquility with the Rejuvenating Retreat Couples Package

Discover a world of holistic rejuvenation for you and your loved one at Agigma Holistic Spa, located in the heart of Rethymno.

Immerse yourself in a carefully tailored Couples Retreat. Our Rejuvenating Package offers a perfect combination of full-body massage and facial treatments, designed to invigorate your body and leave your skin glowing with youth and vitality.

Full-Body Massage and Aromatherapy Experience

Relax and unwind as our skilled therapists deliver a precise full-body massage, focusing on relaxation and tension relief. Complemented by an aromatherapy session with over three different essential oils, let your mind wander in an aromatic sanctuary.

Luxurious Post-Massage Foam Bath

Bid farewell to slippery feet and oily residue with our luxurious foot and palm bath. Rekindle your senses post-massage with this rejuvenating cleanse that leaves your skin delicately scented.

Expertly Customized Facial Treatment

Experience true skin revitalization with our customized hydration and rejuvenation facial treatment. From gentle cleansing and exfoliating scrub to nourishing lotion and rejuvenating cream, our experts use the best of products to uncover your radiant complexion.

Revolutionary Fingertips Rejuvance

Elevate your package experience with our special gift – a forehead face lifting through the innovative Fingertips Rejuvance technique. Embrace a rejuvenated visage and newfound energy with this specialized treatment.


Why Choose Us?

Agigma Holistic Spa’s Rejuvenating Retreat Couple Package is a testament to our commitment to your holistic health. At €235 per session of 80 minutes, we offer you a passport to tranquillity and rejuvenation.

Ready for an unforgettable Couples Retreat?

Embrace the ultimate relaxation and tension relief on your holidays in Rethymno. Book your Rejuvenating Package now and embark on a journey to rediscover your youthful glow. Experience the magic of Agigma Holistic Spa today!

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FQA Let's address some of your potential queries and concerns.

The package includes a full-body massage designed for complete relaxation and tension relief, paired with an immersive aromatherapy experience that features over three therapeutic essential oils. Additionally, there’s a complimentary luxury foam bath for your feet and palms after the massage to cleanse and revitalize your skin. For your face, we offer a tailored facial treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates, with steps including a purifying cleanse, exfoliating scrub, hydrating lotion, rejuvenating cream, and a moisture-rich facial mask enhanced with four unique, specialized serums. You’ll also enjoy a delicate eye serum to refresh and revive the area around your eyes.

Yes, we are excited to offer our unique Fingertips Rejuvance technique as a complimentary add-on. This innovative forehead lifting procedure targets the facial fascia, resulting in striking enhancements to your appearance and a significant uplift in self-confidence. It’s designed to leave you feeling revitalized with a youthful vibrancy.

Our Rejuvenating Retreat Package is priced at €235 for an indulgent 80-minute session, offering you and your partner the ultimate restorative escape for both body and spirit.

Certainly! The journey begins with a bespoke full-body massage that melts your tension away through precise strokes and pressures. The experience is heightened by the scent of organic essential oils during aromatherapy that envelop you with their nurturing aroma. Following that, a personalized facial journey awaits, which includes expert application of premium products that work together to hydrate and restore your skin’s radiant and youthful appearance. Finally, our Fingertips Rejuvance provides a visible lift and renewed energy, especially focusing on the forehead area, and serves as a complimentary enhancement to the package.