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Unveiling Our Signature Spa Experiences

Tailored for Togetherness

Through years of dedicated collaboration and attentive dialogue with our guests, we have refined our spa packages to embody your voices and desires. Each curated experience mirrors the sophisticated tastes and expressed wishes of our valued clientele—your stories and aspirations intricately interlaced into a haven of collective well-being.

Couples Rituals

235€ - 80 min

 Our Rejuvenating Package offers a perfect combination of full-body massage and facial treatments, designed to invigorate your body and leave your skin glowing with youth and vitality.

  • Full-body massage focusing on relaxation and tension relief 
  • Customized facial treatment targeting hydration and rejuvenation 
  • Gift: Forehead face lifting fingertips Rejuvance 

200€ - 70min

Each element of this handcrafted package reflects the pinnacle of serenity and revival, created with love for couples desiring to “break away from everyday life“.

  • Full back relaxing massage 
  • Stress Management Therapy Access Bars for deep relaxation and stress relief 
  • Gift: Sparkling eyes mask 

50 min – 150€

Discover the Delight of Our Rapid Romance Retreat – Essential Escapism for Busy Couples

Step away from the nonstop pace of life and forge quality moments with your beloved in our delightful Rapid Romance Retreat.

  • Back massage
  • Eyes mask and serum
  • Gift:  Sculp massage and feet mask

130min - 395€

An exquisite spa package meticulously designed for couples seeking an extraordinary journey together, beyond the bounds of conventional luxury.

  • Body Scrub & Cream
  • Full body long duration aromatherapy relaxing massage
  • Face mask (hydration or antiaging) 


  • Feet and palms foam cleansing,
  • Sparkling eyes peel-off mask,
  • 50ml of our erotic oil blend for massage at home 


“Rediscover love and relaxation together with our Couples Spa Packages.”